Eduction Firenze, Italy, 2001

A performance series with Marcos Novak that meshed the preconscious mind with immersive digital worlds. This project was first presented at the Venice Biennale of Art 2001, at the Palazzo Carminati, through the Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation
Subsequent versions were held at the SESV, Firenze, Italy, at Erice, Italy, and Futurelab, ArsElectronica, Linz, Austria
“Eduction, the alien within” combines immersive 3-D navigation technologies with the powerful tool of hypnosis. Eduction is a collaboration between the international artist Marcos Lutyens, who has shown his artwork and performed widely in Europe, Asia and the United States and Marcos Novak, the acclaimed philosopher, writer,
and cyberarchitect. Eduction received great interest and support and was also shown in Florence and at Erice-lab in Sicily at the Second International Congress on Psychology and Virtuality.
The aim of Eduction: the alien within...Rome, Berlin, Baguio, etc is to integrate the virtual into the actual, and draw out and echo certain characteristics of a given location. Thus, Eduction is constantly evolving and integrating new aspects of the unseen, and the unconscious, as well as more tangible spatial features such as the architectural environment and historical imprints that dwell within a given space. La Villette is an ideal venue, as it’s architecture and historical context and usage form a source that can be integrated into Eduction, bringing together for a moment the past, present and future. An article concerning these location-specific issues is soon to be printed in Architectural Digest magazine, written by Marcos Novak.